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“Craig Valine’s EMP meetings are extremely informative and they have helped spark my imagination on how to NOT be boring in my marketing practices. I am not only inspired, but also engaged and entertained by all the content and material that is provided.  The brainstorming sessions provide me an opportunity create useable material that I could bring home and immediately implement into my business.  Craig’s a perfect example of the main topic of the evening: “How to NOT Be Boring in Marketing: How to Use the Power of Personality to Engage, Fascinate & Keep Customers for Life!” I know I’m always fascinated & engaged with all the powerful marketing tools that Craig teaches. I am certainly a loyal customer! Thank you Craig and EMP! “

Kristina Keane-Jensen, Realtor
Pasadena, CA

“Craig does more than give out clever ideas. He challenged me to find the missing elements in my business model and be clear about what I needed from others. Marketing requires clarity and I thank Craig for stressing this truth. Great ideas are formed when the goals are clear.”

Don Simkovich, Journalist/PR Writer
Altadena, CA

“As per your teachings and Dan’s, now I know how much I can spend to acquire a qualified customer to attend my next event.  That information is quite powerful.  Knowing how much I can spend to get a customer has lead me to some powerful and cost effective Free Standing Inserts that I can include in the Irvine Chamber of Commerce newsletter that goes to 2000 people to promote my next event. Thank you again for your valuable coaching!”

John Kurth, Sales Scripting Expert
Huntington Beach, CA

“Craig Valine opened my eyes to a brand new world of business. He helped me understand the relevance of understanding and truly knowing your customer. He helped me embrace that a marketing message isn’t a scam or slimy, it’s simply a message written or spoken in the language your customer understands and likes. His willingness to help and his genuine excitement to guide success really help being scared in the big bad jump from self-employment to business ownership! Thanks Craig!”

Lauren (Saracione) Herrera, Pilates Barbell Club
Pasadena, CA

“After meeting with Craig in our free 40-Minute Strategic Marketing Consultation I have a much more clear idea about what is my next step towards identifying myself to my community and how better to reach my target market.  Thanks for the clarity, Craig.”

Eva Vennari, S.E.L.F. Nutrition
Los Angeles, CA

“More than being an expert marketer and mentor, Craig Valine cares about the well-being of those he works with.  I highly recommend him.”

Patrick Hennessy, Real Estate Investor
Chino, CA

“Craig Valine and his team have been an absolute pleasure to get to know and work with. Craig is not only inspiring, but is able to provide great tools and resources to assist you in marketing and growing your business. His approach is unique and valuable to any business.”

Janine Glass, Sales Manager
Pasadena, CA

“…I learn something new every time I attend [Craig’s events]. I really learn by the actual examples of people doing direct response marketing.”

Susan Hamilton, Credit Repair Expert
Pasadena, CA

“Craig says you can’t make things happen sitting on your butt. Well, I have sat on my butt and felt overwhelmed like trying drink water out of fire hose after reading Dan Kennedy’s books. When you go to these meetings you still feel overwhelmed. Then you go to the second and third meeting you getting cups of water to quench your thirst. And you talk to different people and same ideas keep coming up. Then you finally implement something. And you’re in motion and you’re making things happen. You need to join [Craig’s group] as if your life and business depends on it.”

Ulbens Benoit, Entrepreneur
Long Beach, CA

Recently, I went to a meeting at Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. Craig Valine stood up and said he had 2 spaces left for the FAST-START Workshop he was holding at noon. I went to him after and told him I was interested, not really even knowing what I was interested in. Well, that was the start of an interesting relationship.

My husband and I went, not knowing what to expect and we got more information on how to market our businesses than I did in MONTHS working with others. After that, I went to the local monthly meeting. If was free so, why not? Again, more information and a bit of networking.\

The following month, I signed up for The Most Incredible Free Gift Ever. Since then, I’ve received some GREAT information that I get to keep in a binder (I LOVE having something in my hands to read, don’t you?) specifically made for GKIC members. The newsletters come already pre-holed so all I have to do is read, highlight, file and take action! How simple is that?

Now! The fun part! (Can it be any more fun?) The next meeting, I joined our local chapter and with that I received a 1/2 hour consultation with either Ramon or Craig. Well, Craig and I got together and discussed my issue. Ohhh, m’g’awd!!!! I could write a whole ebook on all we covered! Lucky he was taping it! There was GOLD in almost every sentence he spoke and every idea he came up with.

I have to tell you… at the time of this writing, the year-long membership is only $225 and with that you get 2 books AND the half-hour I mentioned. The time I got with Craig was worth the $225!!! If I get nothing else… I’ll live happy! Thank you Craig and Ramon for creating this gift.”

Revvell P. Revati

“I’m exceptionally thrilled by the results of what I learned and applied from the September meeting….

Last week I was at a trade show with the goal of acquiring at least 5 new prospects. I used the “Old Texan” formula when I introduced myself, and left the show not with five but ELEVEN prospects who explicitly said they needed a copywriter, had specific projects in mind, and asked me to contact them this week.

I also took Brian Bergh’s presentation about Holiday promos and wrote a Halloween promo that brought in 2 new clients and reactivated 2 old ones. That’s 4 clients I would have missed out on this month if I hadn’t signed up for the Glendale/Pasadena GKIC.

These are just the 2 most recent examples of the tangible, measurable results in dollars and new clients I’m getting as a result of joining your group. Keep it up, and thank you!”

Jacob Bear, Nutraceuticals Copywriter

“I was on the fast-track to FAILURE when I met Craig Valine, who introduced me to the Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle. The harsh reality is that I did not know I was setting myself up for failure! Through the group I have the tools and motivation to take the needed ACTION to be successful.

My sales have already dramatically improved…and I have only barely begun to implement what I am learning!

If you want REAL marketing ideas, which include the “how-to-do-it” part that really works, then I suggest you get involved with this group.”

“Famous” Alice, Entrepreneur

“The Enhanced Marketing Performance Group is a resource that is worth millions of dollars as the information and strategies presented would cost that much if you tried to develop it yourself. Craig gives so much of themselves that they are utilizing the ‘Pass It On’ philosophy. He’s learned it, he lives it, and he Passed It On.”

Dennis Buckley, D.C., Co-Owner, The Health Advantage Wellness Center and
Chairman of the Board for the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce (‘2010-’11)
Pasadena, CA

“I recently joined Craig’s group after only my first visit. In just the first hour of the meeting, I had learned one key idea that I have been able to immediately implement in my business: creating a stronger call to action in my marketing communications.

The energy and high quality of the members just blew me away. Suffice it to say, I am excited about continuing to learn how to grow my business and sharing my experience with others to grow our chapter.”

Doug Carver, Real Estate Investor
San Marino, CA

“I love that there’s so many new ideas I have to write down. I love that they’re easy to implement or take to heart. I love that there’s time enough to get acquainted with several people. I love that we all have the opportunity to offer help, advice and support during the meeting. I love that there’s real-world feedback. I love that I leave feeling happier, stronger, and more confident than when I arrived.”

Laurice Brown, AICI Personal Stylist and Certified Image Consultant

“What a pleasant surprise to discover like-minded entrepreneurs right in my backyard in Pasadena. The leader, Craig Valine, is a successful business owner as a result of IMPLEMENTING religiously Dan Kennedy’s marketing strategies. These entrepreneurs are all about taking action: The type of guys I want to model.

What was even better is how freely they shared marketing and business ideas: Not theory BS, but strategies that will make your cash register ring continually! By the way, I got out of the meeting not one, but over FOUR money making ideas. One was a great headline for a marketing campaign. A marketing consultant could have charged several hundred or even a couple of thousand of dollars for this type of information. My cost: ZIP as first time visitors come for free.

If you are serious in taking your business to the next level, you owe it to yourself to discover what makes these monthly events so profitable. See you at the next meeting.”

Jonathan Mitchell, President and Founder
Ucan! Plan 4 College, LLC

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