“Any Serious Entrepreneurial-minded Business and/or Professional Practice Owner Who Wants to Achieve More in the Next 12 Months Than You Have in the Previous 12 Years…and Multiply Your Income in the Process.”

“Joining Craig Valine’s Mastermind has been of the best business decisions I’ve made. The feedback and input from other like-minded entrepreneurs has added $1000’s of dollars to my profit line.  With the support of other members, I’ve accomplished more goals than I would on my own. I’ve easily gotten 10x’s my investment from ideas I’ve received from other mastermind members.”  – Dr. Brian Bergh, Orthodontist, Glendale, CA


Tuesday, 1:43pm

From the Desk of: Craig Valine, Marketing Performance Strategist
Enhanced Marketing Performance

Dear Serious Entrepreneur,

How would it feel to “Accomplish More In the Next 12 Months Than You Have In the Previous 12 Years?”


We are so excited. Until recently, to participate in this kind of group, you had to travel to out of state, meet only 2 or 3 times per year, and the waiting list for those groups is so long that delays of one to two years (or more) for admission have been the norm. Now you can work with other Members on a monthly basis right in your home area without the hassle and expense of travel, and best of all, openings in newly forming groups are nearly immediate for now.

Here’s what Peak Performance Mastermind Member James Lee has to say about the group:

“What is the Peak Performance/VIP Mastermind & Study Group?”

(Or, “How do I get results FASTER than I’ve ever known with the help of my peers?”)

It’s like 5 Beneficial Business-Building Experiences in 1 Program!

  1. Facilitated, Accelerated Learning & Application Of Craig Valine’s Marketing And Business Success Strategies
  2. Friendly Accountability & Encouragement
  3. A Mastermind Group Experience: Creative Thinking Multiplied
  4. Peer Advisory: “Sounding Boards”
  5. Opportunity For Co-Operative Alliances With Other Local Businesspeople

1: Facilitated, Accelerated Learning & Application of Craig Valine’s Marketing And Business Success Strategies

The problems with trying to improve your advertising, marketing, sales and business strategies on your own….

  • Never finding the time to focus on this
  • Not having a path and a guide… floundering with too many disconnected and disorganized ideas
  • Takes too much time to pour through hundreds of books and courses
  • Change is hard; too easy to fall back into comfortable habits
  • Feeling like an “odd duck,” resistance or criticism from others

By Participating in the Peak Performance/VIP Mastermind Meetings, You Gain…

  • Forced focus: at each meeting, all cell phones are off, all distractions at bay, you are in a protected time, place and environment with a group of people focused entirely on “what can we do to improve our businesses”
  • A capable guide – Marketing Performance Strategist Craig Valine – leading you along an organized, proven path to progressive, positive improvements
  • High-Priority Curriculum: a series of EXCLUSIVE mini-lesson DVD presentations by Craig’s mentor Dan Kennedy, supported by Hand-Outs; Examples; and selected Reference Material…..condensed, concise, designed for immediate practical application
  • Coaching – every top performer uses “coaches,” from Arnold Palmer to Tiger Woods to CEO’s and entrepreneurs…to “push” them about change. Craig Valine has been trained and certified by Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, and receives continued training in effective coaching techniques, based on their 30 years’ experience coaching entrepreneurs to breakthroughs in business, income and wealth
  • Group Reinforcement – anytime you attempt change in your business, you’re bound to encounter skepticism, resistance, criticism and procrastination from others around you…, finally, you’ll have a group of like-minded, progressive business owners successfully applying the same ideas to strengthen the courage of your convictions

 Here’s what Peak Performance/VIP Mastermind Member Philipp Lomboy has to say about the Mastermind:

Why Craig Valine’s Mastermind Group?

His mentor, Dan Kennedy, has had more positive impact (producing specific, dramatic income increases) for more local business owners in the America than anyone.

  • Dan had 6 Years on SUCCESS tour with Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, legendary and consultants in nearly 100 different niches, industries, businesses and professions, reaching well over 1-million business owners a year….Dan is ‘the consultant to the consultants’
  • He Reviewed a 30-year body of work to select entrepreneurs like Jim McCann (1-800-Flowers), Debbi Fields (Mrs. Fields Cookies) addressing over 540,000 people a year. Only marketing expert to appear on these programs.
  • Dan’s books on INC. MAGAZINE’s list of ‘100 Best Business Books,’ BUSINESS WEEK MAGAZINE’s Bestseller List….his five “No B.S.” books published by ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE’s publishing company
  • Dan’s NO B.S. MARKETING LETTER the largest circulation, most popular paid subscription newsletter devoted to direct marketing strategies for all businesses
  • Dan is the highest paid direct-response consultant, strategist and copywriter in the country, routinely paid upwards of $100,000.00 per project (plus royalties), no less than $9,800.00 per day….with over 85% of all clients hiring him once doing so repeatedly
  • Thousands of testimonials citing specifics from owners of over 250 different kinds of business…with struggle to success transformations. (How many would you like to see to be completely convinced you should use Kennedy’s methods?)
  • An organized system for transforming marketing for any business…adapted and taught by the leading business experts and create Study Modules EXCLUSIVELY for the Study/Mastermind Groups, each designed for immediate, practical and profitable application
  • Fun, entertaining, shocking, provocative, bold, exciting, different…..Kennedy’s methods and his teaching make creating big marketing and money breakthroughs in your business a process you’ll enjoy….that you CAN do, regardless of how you feel now about “marketing” or your marketing aptitude
  • And Craig has learned it all, as well as the 20 years of study, he has learned in person, right from Dan these methods to help you attain your greatest goals in the fastest time possible.

2: Friendly Accountability & Encouragement

Dan says: “I’ve got Good News and Bad News for you. Good News: You’re your own boss. Bad News: You’re your own boss!”

Every athlete and every coach knows performance, productivity and results automatically improve when there is accountability to someone other than yourself. From Meeting to Meeting, you’ll have “an environment of accountability.” You will have been given new ideas, strategies and tools to apply in your business. At the next Meeting, you’ll be reporting back, to your “coach” and to the group, what you got done and how things worked out. You’ll also be sharing your own innovations, your own changes, your own successes.

Friendly competition within the group to be “Git ‘Er Done’ers” motivates all of us to take action and follow-through on our good ideas and intentions.

3: A Mastermind Group Experience: Creative Thinking Multiplied

The “mastermind concept” is widely credited to Napoleon Hill, author of the all-time bestselling success book, ‘Think And Grow Rich,’ chronicling the common ideas and success strategies of several hundred great achievers of Hill’s time, including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison.

Hill discovered that Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Thomas Edison had a formal “mastermind alliance,” and met regularly in away-from-business locations, to creatively brainstorm about all their businesses and interests. These men enunciated to Hill the belief that putting their three minds together in harmonious, progressive thought multiplied their power exponentially. Hill subsequently found the same principle at work in other “mastermind alliances.”

Another place this is at work is in the Disney companies, where teams of “Imagineers” are brought together, to brainstorm new opportunities, solve problems and develop projects.

Each Meeting is, in part, a mastermind process. Topics brought to the table by Marketing Performance Strategist (and Dan Kennedy protege’) Craig Valine leading the Meetings as well as the Members will be given the “brainstorming process” and lively, open discussion — leading to breakthrough ideas for everybody.

Here’s what Peak Performance/VIP Mastermind Member Ernie Vargas has to say about the Mastermind:

4: Peer Advisory: “Sounding Boards”

In many corporate environments, there are different kinds of ‘Peer Advisory Boards’ – for example, venture capital fund managers from different industries form a group and meet to advise each other on legal, financial and management issues. Organizations you may have heard of or been part of, like the C.E.O. Clubs, YEO or YPO, all function as peer advisory groups. The idea is to have objective, frank and knowledgeable “Sounding Boards” for your ideas and issues — including things you may not openly discuss with employees, friends or even family.

It’s just good to have a “sounding board” with no axe to grind and no agenda that you can bounce ideas off of, talk out problems with. The unique thing about THIS peer advisory group is their common interest in and understanding of Kennedy-style marketing and Kennedy entrepreneurial strategies. This puts everybody in the group on the same page in a unique way. In fact, a lot of discussion includes: “What would Dan do?”…. “What would Dan say about this?”

5: Opportunity for Co-Operative Alliances with Other Local Business People in the Group

This should be the LEAST of the reasons to join, but….

….there are opportunities for 2, 3 or all of the business owners in the Group to come together and work co-operatively on some promotion….to cross-promote each other’s business….to share leads….etc. In all likelihood, this “little” benefit alone will more than repay the entire investment to participate!

Here’s what longtime Peak Performance Mastermind Member Jonathan Mitchell has to say about being a member of this elite group:

Who Should Participate?

Any Entrepreneurial Business Owner, Employee, or Sales Professional who…

  • Has an honestly open mind and progressive attitude
  • Is extremely busy and needs a time-efficient way to learn and grow
  • Is highly motivated to make improvements in marketing and sales methods
  • Is eager to substantially increase income
  • Is eager to bend the business to facilitate personal and lifestyle preferences –to be its master, not its slave
  • Is willing to share ideas and experiences, and help other like-minded businesspeople
  • Values being part of a creative process
  • Practitioner of the “principle of slight edge” – a successful person always seeking improvement
  • Can be counted on to participate

Who Should NOT Participate?

  • Set in your ways, stubborn, fearful of change
  • Satisfied with or married to your present advertising, marketing, sales methods
  • No need or desire for increases in income, wealth, business value
  • Selfish

The Investment……

  • How does it compare to the value of ONE new customer, client or patient in your business?
  • How does it compare to the WASTE and LOSS — that could be prevented! — of one “dud” advertisement or mailing or promotion?
  • How little of an income increase by percentage does this need to produce, to recoup the investment?
  • … many things do you spend this same money on everyday without thinking twice about it?
    • A double-latte, croissant at Starbucks a day
    • 2 to 3 gallons of gas a day
    • A magazine bought at a newsstand
    • One movie ticket (no popcorn)

“What Do People Usually Pay to Be Members of Other EMP-style Mastermind Groups?”

  • Currently Achiever-type GKIC members pay Dan Kennedy a minimum of $34,000 per year ($2,800+/mo) to be in his Platinum Mastermind Group….
  • Go-Getter GKIC members happily paid Bill Glazer a minimum of $31,000 per year ($2,600+/mo) to be a member of one of his two Info-Marketing Mastermind Groups….
  • Success-minded GKIC Members pay Lee Milteer a minimum of $10,764 per year ($897/mo) to be a member of their Peak Performers Coaching Group…

Other groups formed by colleagues of Craig Valine and GKIC:

  • Frank Kern: $100,000 down + 15% of gross revenue gained
  • Ali Brown, Fabienne Frederickson: $100,000 per year
  • Mark Richter, Baeth Davis: $25,000 per year (Emerald), $100,000 per year (Diamond)
  • Dr. Tom Orent: $60,000 per year – 10-month program ($6,000/mo)
  • James Malinchak: $47,000 per year ($3,916/mo)

What’s Your Annual Investment to Create Excellence In Your Life and Reap the Benefits of  Craig Valine’s Peak Performance/VIP Mastermind Group today?

Only $4,764 per year (or, you may make payments of $427/mo (x 12)

* ONLY the serious need apply. This is a minimum 12-month commitment. It’s the best way for you to truly accomplish what you’ve set out for yourself.

  • Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions for Peak Performance Mastermind Members-Only! By phone, we’ll talk once a month for 20 minutes to ‘check-in’ and go over what’s been successful to date, and what you might need help with. The objective is to help you focus on what you want to achieve and access through my knowledge connections, resources, opinions, and ideas. (Annual Value = $948)
  • Free Monthly Power Events. As a Peak Performance Mastermind Member, you attend all monthly EMP Power Events Free of Charge. Stay motivated. Discover and share new strategies. Meet fellow members and entrepreneurs. Get inspired. Reap all the benefits of EMP Membership. (Annual Value = $588)
  • Email Access. – Ask Craig or the group any questions relating to your business throughout the month. Get your ad, sales letter, or website critiqued by your peers, etc.
  • Private Client Group and/or Onsight consults at your business location (for an additional fee).
  • Bring (up to two) business partners/spouse/employee with you to the meetings each month for free!
  • And more!


  • Currently, Peak Performance/VIP Mastermind meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of each month from 9am to 2pm.
  • Location of meeting disclosed upon receiving completed Mastermind application.

A Few Absolutes:

  • This group is absolutely limited to no more than 10 members (no exceptions!)
  • This is a minimum 12-month commitment
  • Complete confidentiality is required.

Apply today for one of the remaining slots or to be on the waiting list until an opening is available . . .

FIRST COME, FIRST CONSIDERATION! Don’t hesitate to transform yourself and your business!

Complete Mastermind Application and Fee Agreement and Fax to Craig Valine’s office at

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 626) 507-8228 or email our office at

I look forward to helping you achieve more in the next 12 months than you have in the previous 12 years!

“No BS” Craig Valine

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